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Ustaz Haikal Hassan, a popular preacher in Indonesia, initially used social media to share motivational content with his followers. However, during the recent elections in the country, he felt compelled to also express his political opinions. He openly supported Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto, who eventually won the presidential election after multiple attempts. Ustaz Haikal had previously shown support for Anies Baswedan during the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election, feeling called to endorse him over the incumbent Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

The 2019 elections in Indonesia were marked by identity politics, with Ustaz Haikal leveraging his influence on social media to voice his political views. He believes that social media allows him to reach a wider audience compared to traditional methods like preaching in a mosque. Despite his support for Prabowo, Ustaz Haikal has also stated that he would not hesitate to criticize the incoming president if he goes against Islamic teachings or commits any wrongdoing. This stance reflects his commitment to upholding what is right and speaking out against what is wrong.

The Jakarta gubernatorial election in 2017 was a turning point for Ustaz Haikal, prompting him to become more involved in politics and use social media as a platform to express his opinions. While his initial focus was on motivational content, the political climate in Indonesia compelled him to expand his preaching to include political matters. Ustaz Haikal’s vocal support for certain candidates and political figures has made him a prominent voice in the online sphere, reaching millions of people with his messages.

The increasing influence of social media in Indonesia’s political landscape has allowed preachers like Ustaz Haikal to engage with a larger audience and shape public opinion. Although social media has its drawbacks, such as promoting divisiveness and identity politics, it also provides a platform for individuals to share their views and engage in meaningful discussions. For Ustaz Haikal, social media has become a tool for spreading his message and influencing public discourse, particularly during elections when political tensions run high.

As Indonesia prepares for a transition of power with Prabowo Subianto set to become the next president, Ustaz Haikal remains committed to holding the government accountable and speaking out against any actions that contradict Islamic principles. His willingness to criticize those in power demonstrates his dedication to upholding moral values and ensuring that leaders act in the best interests of the people. By using social media as a platform for both preaching and political discourse, Ustaz Haikal has established himself as a significant figure in Indonesia’s social and political landscape, bridging the gap between religion and governance.

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