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The owner of a giant billboard that collapsed on a petrol station in Mumbai, killing 16 people, has been arrested. Seventy-five others were rescued from the wreckage of the accident that occurred during fierce rain and dust storms. The owner, Bhavesh Bhinde, fled Mumbai after the collapse but was apprehended in Udaipur, around 800km north of the city. The police opened a culpable homicide case against him, and he was found in a hotel under a relative’s name.

The storm that battered Mumbai also caused other damage such as uprooted trees, power outages in several neighborhoods, and disruptions in the city’s train network. Flights at the city’s international airport were temporarily grounded, with several planes diverted. These events highlighted the need for improving safety measures in the city to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

In response to the tragedy, the chief minister of Maharashtra state, Eknath Shinde, ordered an audit of all billboards in Mumbai to ensure their safety and prevent similar accidents. The incident has raised concerns about the structural integrity of other billboards in the city and the potential risks they pose to the public. Authorities are taking steps to address these issues and improve safety standards in Mumbai.

The arrest of the billboard owner and the government’s order for a safety audit reflect a commitment to holding those responsible for the tragedy accountable and preventing similar incidents in the future. The police’s efforts to track down Bhavesh Bhinde and bring him to justice demonstrate a commitment to delivering justice for the victims of the collapse and their families. Measures are being taken to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect the public from potential hazards like the collapsed billboard.

The collapse of the billboard serves as a stark reminder of the importance of enforcing safety regulations and conducting regular inspections of structures to prevent accidents and protect public safety. The tragic incident has prompted a reassessment of safety protocols and measures across Mumbai, with a focus on preventing similar tragedies from occurring. Authorities are working to address any safety concerns and improve the city’s infrastructure to enhance the overall safety and well-being of its residents. The lessons learned from this accident will inform future decisions and efforts to enhance safety standards in Mumbai and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

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