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The relationship between Russia and China is becoming increasingly important as both countries are at the forefront of high-level technology, such as hypersonic and anti-satellite technology, which worries the West. China is particularly interested in this technology as it could benefit from it in the event of a conflict with Taiwan, where damaging America’s satellite ability would be advantageous. As Russia becomes more dependent on China for support and goods, China may feel more confident in pressuring Russia to transfer this technology.

During a two-day visit by Putin, both leaders are expected to discuss trade, energy, and security issues, including Ukraine. Experts believe that China faces a delicate balancing act in maintaining ties with Russia, as there are both benefits and risks involved. With Xi returning from a European tour aimed at improving relations in the face of economic challenges and high US tariffs, the relationship with Europe remains crucial for China. However, its ties with Russia could jeopardize these relations and Russia could become a problematic ally if it continues to rely on China for economic support and political partnership at the United Nations.

The technology that Russia possesses is of great interest to China, and as Russia becomes more reliant on Chinese support, there may be increased pressure for the transfer of this technology. This could lead to a shift in the balance of power between Russia and China, with China potentially gaining more influence over Russia. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is also likely to be a topic of discussion during the leaders’ meeting, as Russia’s involvement in the conflict has strained its relationships with Western countries.

China’s relationship with Russia is seen as important for maintaining stability in the region, but there are concerns about the potential risks involved. China’s charm offensive in Europe, following economic challenges at home and trade tensions with the US, highlights the importance of maintaining positive relations with Western countries. Russia’s reliance on China for economic and political support could potentially create tensions within their alliance, as China may seek to leverage its power over Russia for its own benefit.

Overall, the relationship between Russia and China is complex and multifaceted, with both countries balancing their own interests with the need to maintain strong ties with each other. The transfer of advanced technology, such as hypersonic and anti-satellite technology, is a key point of interest for both countries, but it also brings risks and challenges. As the leaders of Russia and China discuss trade, energy, and security issues, they will need to carefully navigate the potential benefits and risks of their relationship to ensure a balanced and stable partnership.

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