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Former West Java governor Ridwan Kamil is being considered as a contender for the Jakarta gubernatorial election by his party, Golkar. Despite billboards indicating his possible candidacy in Jakarta, he has expressed a preference for running again in West Java. As an individual can serve as governor twice, Ridwan may make another bid as he has only served once.

Another potential candidate for the Jakarta election is Ahok, who recently launched a podcast addressing issues faced by the city and its residents. Ahok became Jakarta governor in 2014 following Jokowi’s presidency. In the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election, he competed against Anies and Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, ultimately losing in a runoff against Anies. Ahok was imprisoned for blasphemy after the election and freed in January 2019.

Anies, the victor of the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election, is also eligible to run again. However, as he is not affiliated with any political party, he would need party backing to contest. Anies was supported by Gerindra, PKS, and PAN in 2017. Independent candidates, such as retired police commissioner Dharma Pongrekun, often face challenges in mounting strong campaigns without the support of established political parties.

The Jakarta gubernatorial election has historically seen numerous candidates. In 2012, six pairs contested in the first round, and in 2017, there were initially three pairs before a runoff was required. With the possibility of familiar names like Ridwan Kamil, Ahok, and Anies considering candidacy, the upcoming election is expected to draw significant interest.

Observers believe that the Jakarta election could feature a diverse range of candidates from various backgrounds, including those with experience in governance and those who are entering politics for the first time. The political landscape in Jakarta is dynamic, with potential contenders aligning themselves with political parties or choosing to run as independents, highlighting the competitive nature of the forthcoming election.

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