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A new television series called The Invisible Shield is set to debut on PBS on March 26 at 10 pm. The series aims to bring more attention to public health and the important role it plays in protecting everyone from a range of health threats. Public health professionals work hard every day to keep the public safe, but their work often goes unnoticed. The series is produced by RadicalMedia with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies and will highlight the critical impact of public health on society.

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed how chronically underfunded and underappreciated public health systems have been for years. With more support and resources, many lives could have been saved and suffering could have been averted. However, political and business leaders have been hesitant to allocate necessary resources to the public health system, even in the face of a global health crisis. The Invisible Shield sheds light on the importance of public health and the need for increased support to prevent future disasters.

The series consists of four episodes, each addressing different aspects of public health. The first episode, titled “The Old Playbook,” covers the history of public health and how the system has evolved over the years. It also explores the current challenges facing the public health system, including the potential collapse in many areas. Subsequent episodes delve into topics such as data collection and analysis, misinformation and inequities, and the future of public health.

The series aims to make public health more understandable and engaging for viewers. By sharing compelling stories and visuals, The Invisible Shield hopes to educate the public about the critical role of public health in society. The goal is to encourage more people to support public health initiatives and initiatives and recognize the impact it has on their daily lives. The series also hopes to inspire future projects that highlight the importance of public health.

Public health professionals hope that The Invisible Shield will spark conversations and engagement beyond its initial airing. They believe that the series could be a valuable educational resource for students, colleges, and other instructional guides. By increasing understanding and awareness of public health goals, the series has the potential to mobilize more individuals to support public health initiatives and advocate for necessary changes. Overall, The Invisible Shield aims to make the invisible shield of public health more visible and highlight the critical role it plays in protecting society.

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