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A City Hall aide, Rana Abbasova, has been suspended for inappropriate conduct and is now cooperating with the FBI amid a probe into Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign fundraising. Abbasova’s New Jersey home was raided by the FBI as part of the investigation into the mayor’s 2021 campaign. Following the raid, Abbasova urged fellow City Hall staffers to delete texts, leading to her suspension. City Hall reported her “improper” behavior to the feds, resulting in her suspension pending further investigation.

Federal investigators obtained a court warrant to retrieve Mayor Adams’ mobile devices to determine if he had also received messages from Abbasova. It was confirmed that the mayor did not receive any messages. The FBI is looking into whether Adams’ team collaborated with the Turkish government to support his campaign with foreign donations. They are also investigating whether Adams influenced the FDNY to expedite permits for a new Turkish Consulate that had previously failed safety inspections.

Abbasova, as the Director of Protocol in the Office for International Affairs, was responsible for advanced planning and logistics for mayoral events. She worked for Adams during his time as Brooklyn Borough President, serving as a liaison between him and the Turkish community. Her salary is listed as $80,651. While it is unclear when Abbasova began cooperating with the FBI and what information she may have shared, neither Adams, Abbasova, nor any member of his campaign has been accused of any wrongdoing.

Adam’s former chief counsel at City Hall, Brendan McGuire, who now represents him in the FBI investigation, stated that Abbasova’s cooperation with the authorities was not a new or significant development. He mentioned that the Adams administration had reported her improper conduct in November, following which she started talking to investigators. City Hall declined to comment on the matter, referring all questions to the mayor’s 2021 campaign.

The investigation into Adams’ campaign fundraising has brought to light the involvement of Abbasova, who has been identified as the individual cooperating with the FBI. As the probe continues, questions have been raised about possible collaboration between Adams’ team and the Turkish government. The FBI is also looking into any potential influence Adams may have had on expediting permits for a new Turkish Consulate. While no accusations have been made against Adams, Abbasova, or any members of his campaign, the situation remains under scrutiny.

The suspension and cooperation of Rana Abbasova are part of the ongoing FBI probe into Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign fundraising. The investigation has revealed concerns about potential improper conduct within City Hall and possible foreign influence on Adams’ campaign. As more information comes to light, it remains to be seen how this situation will impact Adams’ administration and his future political endeavors. The collaboration between Abbasova and the FBI adds a new dimension to the investigation, raising questions about transparency and accountability in local government.

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