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Former President Donald Trump has been known for his outspoken opinions on various topics, including celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell, Anna Wintour, Michael Moore, Jimmy Kimmel, and Chrissy Teigen. While many of his supporters do not seem bothered by his public exchanges, critics argue that his behavior is not presidential. Dr. James Bailey, a professor of business, suggests that Trump’s social media presence is driven by personal and professional motives, highlighting his narcissism and lack of impulse control.

Trump’s online spats with celebrities have become a common occurrence, with him using platforms like Twitter and Truth Social to hurl insults and criticize those who do not share his views. Jason Mollica, a professorial lecturer, notes that Trump has been involved in feuds with celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and has made controversial statements about artists such as Rihanna and Taylor Swift. These actions have garnered attention on social media and generated public discourse.

Despite Trump’s confrontations with celebrities, his base remains steadfast in supporting him, while his critics are equally unwavering in their opposition. Bailey points out that there is a small percentage of undecided voters who could be influenced by Trump’s behavior. Mollica suggests that while celebrity endorsements can impact voter turnout, engaging in public feuds with celebrities may not necessarily sway voters in Trump’s favor come election time.

Mollica emphasizes the importance of candidates avoiding prolonged battles with celebrities on social media, as it can overshadow key issues and become a public relations issue. When addressing criticisms from celebrities on social media, a more tempered approach is advised. The question arises as to whether Trump’s verbal attacks on popular celebrities like Rihanna and Taylor Swift will push the undecided voters further away from him and potentially impact the upcoming presidential election.

The looming question remains whether Rihanna and Taylor Swift will publicly voice their opinions on Trump or other candidates, given their sizable wealth and social media following. It is noted that while some individuals may follow Trump on social media without intent to vote for him, those who dislike the music of Rihanna and Taylor Swift are unlikely to follow their posts or opinions. Bailey warns that Trump’s negative remarks about popular figures could alienate the undecided voters who play a crucial role in deciding elections, potentially leading to consequences at the ballot box.

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