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RCMP Manitoba Major Crime Services investigators are continuing their search for witnesses in relation to a double homicide that occurred in 2021. Lead investigator Const. David Giroux emphasized the importance of not giving up on finding answers about the deaths of Brent Denechezhe, 31, and Leona Tssessaze, 24, who were killed in a house fire on Northland Denesuline First Nation. The investigation has been ongoing since the incident, and the deaths have been confirmed as homicides.

Recently, investigators revisited the scene of the deaths to search for evidence that could assist with the investigation. Despite the significant amount of time that has passed and the removal of the home remains, police believe there is still evidence to be recovered. They are specifically looking to speak with anyone who may have knowledge of individuals leaving the community immediately after the murders and not returning. Additionally, they are seeking information from anyone who saw someone leaving Denechezhe’s house between 4:30-5:30 am on the day of the murders.

Investigators are currently focused on following leads in Prince Albert and are encouraging anyone with information related to the case to contact the tip line at 431-489-8112. The RCMP is committed to pursuing all avenues in the investigation to bring justice for Denechezhe and Tssessaze. The community is urged to come forward with any information that could aid in solving the case and providing closure for the victims’ families.

The RCMP’s efforts to bring closure to the families of Brent Denechezhe and Leona Tssessaze highlight the dedication of law enforcement in pursuing justice for victims of violent crimes. The ongoing investigation into the double homicide demonstrates the meticulous approach taken by the Major Crime Services unit in gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Despite the challenges posed by the passage of time, investigators remain determined to uncover the truth behind the deaths of the two young individuals.

The revisit to the scene of the deaths and the search for new evidence underscore the RCMP’s commitment to leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice. By appealing to the public for information on individuals leaving the community after the murders and anyone seen near Denechezhe’s house on the day of the killings, investigators are casting a wide net in their search for leads. The encouragement for community members to come forward with any information they may have is crucial in advancing the investigation and bringing those responsible to justice.

As investigators continue to follow leads in Prince Albert and dedicate resources to the case, the RCMP’s plea for information from the public underscores the collaborative effort required in solving crimes of this nature. The resolve of Const. Giroux and his team to find answers and seek justice for the victims reflects the values of the RCMP in upholding the law and ensuring accountability. The community’s support in providing information related to the case is pivotal in helping authorities piece together the events leading to the tragic deaths of Brent Denechezhe and Leona Tssessaze in 2021.

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