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From transforming the way we access care for aging relatives to developing advanced prosthetic technology and using AI to detect diseases, the innovators on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for Science & Healthcare in Europe are making significant contributions to the field. One standout entrepreneur is Will Donnelly, who aims to revolutionize the long-term care industry with his startup Lottie, which has received $32.5 million in funding to create an online platform for senior care providers and families. Donnelly’s goal is to change perceptions of care homes and make them more appealing to people of all ages.

In addition to Donnelly, other young entrepreneurs on the list are also making strides in healthcare accessibility. Founders like Charlie Bullock and Oliver Knight of are creating a marketplace for medical imaging appointments, while Dhruv Agrawal and Faith Jiwakhan of Aether Biomedical are enhancing prosthetic technology with sensors, AI, and software. Antonia Agape Pontiki, a teaching fellow at King’s College London, is using 3D printing technology to create patient-specific prostheses, including prosthetic ribs and artificial organs for medical training.

Women’s health is another area of focus for the honorees, with innovators like Judit Giró Benet of The Blue Box Biomedical Solutions developing AI-powered devices for breast cancer screening and Emilė Radytė and Alex Cook of Samphire Neuroscience creating a non-invasive device for women experiencing pain or mood disorders during menstruation. Sioned Jones and Tara O’Driscoll of BoobyBiome are working on a formula supplement from breast milk to help breastfeeding challenges for babies and mothers. These entrepreneurs are addressing important gaps in women’s healthcare that have historically received limited investment.

Scientific research is also a key focus for the 30 Under 30 list, with individuals like Anqui Wang studying membrane materials for batteries, Emanuele Aucone using drones for wildlife tracking, and Hanne Biesmans developing electrodes for internal medical treatments. Albert Sneppen’s research on black holes and galaxy evolution offers insights into the universe’s mysteries. Artificial intelligence is a central theme among the honorees, with companies like Spore Bio, Ionlace, and CardiaTec Biosciences using AI for detecting pathogens in food, detecting diseases in the body, and understanding cardiovascular biology for new treatments.

The Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Science & Healthcare in Europe showcases a diverse group of young innovators who are reshaping the future of healthcare and scientific research. With a focus on accessibility, technology, and innovation, these entrepreneurs are driving progress in areas such as long-term care, prosthetics, women’s health, scientific research, and AI applications. By recognizing the contributions of these talented individuals, Forbes highlights the importance of investing in the next generation of leaders in the science and healthcare fields.

For a full list of the 2024 Under 30 Europe Science and Healthcare honorees, visit the Forbes website. The 30 Under 30 Europe coverage offers a comprehensive look at the achievements and innovations of young entrepreneurs in various industries, including science and healthcare. From advancing medical technology to addressing healthcare disparities, these individuals are making a significant impact on the future of healthcare and scientific research in Europe and beyond.

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