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A Brooklyn woman, Dulce Pichardo, was brutally attacked in a random act of violence while she was walking down the street in Crown Heights. The unprovoked assault was captured on surveillance video at Grand Avenue and Dean Street in broad daylight. Pichardo was punched in the face without warning, causing her to stumble backward and suffer a broken jaw. She described the impact as very strong and was left shocked and confused as to why she was targeted.

Pichardo’s attacker, 33-year-old Franz Jeudy, did not speak or provide any explanation for his violent actions. Fortunately, Pichardo’s brother was nearby and able to chase down the suspect, leading to his arrest on charges of assault. As a result of the attack, Pichardo’s jaw had to be wired shut, three of her teeth were knocked out, and she experienced nerve damage and loss of feeling in her lips. She is currently unable to eat solid food and must rely on a straw to consume her meals.

In addition to the physical injuries she sustained, Pichardo has been deeply affected by the emotional trauma of the attack. She expressed fear and voiced her concerns about safety on the streets of New York City. Pichardo hopes that the city will take steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future and ensure the protection of its residents. She emphasized the need for action to be taken to address the growing issue of random and unprovoked violence in public spaces.

The assault on Pichardo is just one example of a disturbing trend of violence in New York City, as highlighted by recent TikTok videos showing women being punched in the city. These incidents have led to increased awareness and calls for action to address the underlying causes of such attacks. The community has come together to support Pichardo and others who have been victims of senseless violence, calling for justice and accountability for those responsible for these crimes.

Despite the trauma and challenges she now faces as a result of the attack, Pichardo remains resilient and determined to see justice served. She is speaking out to raise awareness about the issue of random violence and the need for increased safety measures in public spaces. Pichardo’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of community support, solidarity, and advocacy in addressing and preventing acts of violence. The incident has sparked conversations about ways to create a safer and more secure environment for all residents of the city.

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