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In the 2024 NFL draft, the New York Jets selected former Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis in the fifth round as a possible successor to Aaron Rodgers. The Jets traded up to acquire Travis with the No. 171 overall pick, giving up their No. 185 and 190 overall picks to the Philadelphia Eagles. Travis, who was the eighth quarterback selected in the draft, had a successful career in college, completing 637 passes, throwing for 8,715 passing yards, 66 touchdowns, and earning a passing efficiency rating of 150.6 over six seasons with the Louisville Cardinals and Florida State.

Jets general manager Joe Douglas explained that he believes in selecting quarterbacks in every draft, citing the success of the Green Bay Packers in turning quarterback picks into future assets or starters for other teams. Travis, who was on track to be a Heisman finalist for the 2023 season before sustaining a season-ending injury in game 11, is expected to serve as the Jets’ backup and potentially their future starting quarterback. Despite still recovering from his injury, Travis is expected to be ready for training camp. Standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing 200 pounds, Travis was named the ACC Player of the Year and ACC Offensive Player of the Year in 2023 after leading Florida State to an 11-0 record before his injury.

The Jets’ quarterback room currently lacks depth, but with Rodgers leading the team and Travis learning from one of the all-time greats, there is potential for the Jets to become strong contenders in their division and conference in the coming years. Despite his injury history, Travis has proven to be a talented and successful quarterback in college, and the Jets are hopeful that he can make a smooth transition to the professional level. With his accolades as a player and potential as a future leader for the team, Travis could play a crucial role in shaping the Jets’ success in the years to come.

Travis’ selection by the Jets marks a strategic move by the team to secure a talented young quarterback as they plan for the future. With Rodgers aging and potentially nearing the end of his career, the Jets are looking ahead and preparing for the transition to a new starting quarterback. By selecting Travis in the fifth round, the Jets are investing in his development and potential to become a franchise quarterback for the team. With his skills, achievements, and the opportunity to learn from veteran players like Rodgers, Travis has the chance to make a significant impact on the Jets’ success in the years ahead.

Overall, the selection of Jordan Travis by the New York Jets in the 2024 NFL draft represents a significant step for the team as they prepare for the future. With his talent, college success, and potential to become a key player for the team, Travis could play a crucial role in shaping the Jets’ success in the coming seasons. As he continues to recover from his injury and prepares for his role as a backup and potential future starter, Travis will have the opportunity to learn from experienced players and coaches, which will only enhance his development as a quarterback. The Jets’ decision to invest in Travis highlights their commitment to building a competitive and successful team for years to come.

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