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The act of theft has existed since ancient times, with individuals often taking things that do not belong to them for various reasons such as hunger, curiosity, desperation, or desire. While larceny occurs across all zodiac signs, some are more inclined towards theft than others. Aries individuals are thrill seekers, likely to steal to test their ability to get away with it. They may resort to theft for survival or grand-scale stealing from corporations for the thrill.

Libras are known to steal due to their expensive taste and lack of work ethic, while Capricorns believe they deserve extra rewards for their hard work and may take money from petty cash. Geminis steal due to forgetfulness or their association with the god of thieves, while Leos may feel entitled to take from others as they perceive everything as a gift to them. Virgos steal to display superiority, Pisces recognize unconventional items as valuable, Sagittariuses redistribute wealth to the poor, and Aquarians believe money should be abolished.

Taurus individuals are associated with values and possessions, feeling entitled to take what they desire if they believe they do not have enough. Notable examples of Taurus thieves include Bernie Madoff and Frank Abangdale. Cancers, on the other hand, are skilled at manipulating emotions and facts to justify their actions, often engaging in elaborate cons for personal gain. Famous Cancer thieves include con artist Christopher Rocancourt and Jeanne de la Motte, known for the theft of the diamond necklace.

Scorpio individuals, who rule the eighth house of sex, death, secrets, and other people’s money, are inclined to steal love interests, information, or possessions from others. They view life as a chess game and believe others are out to get them, leading them to manipulate situations to their advantage. Members of the Bling Ring, such as Nick Prugo and Courtney Ames, exemplify Scorpio’s nature to steal in the name of personal gain. Astrologer Reda Wigle delves into the impact of planetary configurations on each zodiac sign, incorporating history, poetry, and pop culture into her horoscopes and writing.

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