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Destination weddings by the water are becoming increasingly popular, with 25% of ceremonies taking place annually happening away from the couples’ homes, and 22% being held at seaside locations. This trend has led to the rise of a multibillion-dollar industry, with beachfront weddings becoming a common occurrence. As a result, it is important for guests to be prepared and well-informed about the appropriate attire for a beach formal wedding.

Beach formal attire requires the same level of elevated evening wear as weddings held in more traditional locations, such as historical buildings or banquet halls, but with tropical updates. Guests are advised to choose formal wear that falls below the knee, formal jumpsuits, or tailored suit separates. It is essential to avoid wearing white or similar shades, as those colors are typically reserved for the bride. In terms of colors, warm and pastel hues like coral or lemon-yellow are recommended for minimalists, while bolder guests can opt for splashy shades of pink or blue. Gold and metallics are also suitable options for tropical settings.

When it comes to prints, subtle florals are a safe choice, while micro polka dots and more obscure motifs are great for those who prefer a bolder look. Guests should keep in mind that beach formal attire gives them more freedom to experiment with colors and patterns compared to traditional wedding attire. It is essential to strike a balance between being appropriately dressed for the occasion and adding a touch of personal style to the outfit. By following these guidelines, guests can ensure they are dressed appropriately for a beach formal wedding while still showcasing their individuality.

Whether attending a beachfront wedding or a traditional one, it is crucial to respect the dress code outlined by the couple. Beach formal attire allows guests to embrace a more relaxed and tropical style while maintaining the elegance of formal evening wear. By choosing the right colors, prints, and styles, guests can ensure they are appropriately dressed for the occasion and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the wedding. It is important to remember that each wedding is unique, and guests should take cues from the location and theme when selecting their attire. With proper preparation and attention to detail, guests can confidently dress for a beach formal wedding and celebrate the special day with the couple.

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