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Kouri Richins, a Utah mom and children’s book author with three children, was accused of murdering her husband, Eric Richins, in 2022. Authorities charged her with aggravated murder and drug possession, alleging that she used illicit fentanyl to poison her husband in order to collect millions in life insurance funds. They also charged her with a new attempted murder charge for allegedly poisoning her husband on Feb. 14, 2022. Prosecutors allege that Kouri texted her lover on the night of Eric’s murder, adding another layer of suspicion to the case.

Kouri’s defense attorney, Skye Lazaro, maintains her innocence despite the new charge. However, prosecutors believe that Kouri was also having an affair, which could serve as another motive for wanting her husband out of her life. Eric’s family had previously expressed concerns about Kouri’s intentions with the life insurance funds and her desire to flip a mansion they were constructing together. The night Eric died, Kouri allegedly poured him a drink laced with fentanyl during a celebration, leading to his death.

In addition to the murder allegations, Kouri had not been formally charged in connection to an incident on Valentine’s Day where Eric allegedly almost died from a poisoning attempt. Witnesses reported that Eric suspected Kouri of trying to poison him on multiple occasions, including the Valentine’s Day incident and a previous instance in Greece. Eric had taken steps to protect himself and his children from Kouri’s potential harm by removing her from his will and seeking assistance from his estate-planning lawyer.

Further complicating the case is the involvement of Kouri’s mother, Lisa Darden, who was implicated in Eric’s death in a recently unsealed search warrant. Detectives found a connection between Darden and a suspicious death in 2006 involving a romantic partner who died of an oxycodone overdose. While investigating Kouri, they uncovered information about Darden’s potential role in planning and orchestrating Eric’s death. However, Lazaro denies any foul play and attributes Darden’s partner’s death to the national opioid crisis that claimed thousands of lives.

As the investigation continues, more charges are being brought against Kouri, and new evidence is surfacing that implicates both her and her mother in the alleged murder of Eric Richins. Despite Kouri’s claims of innocence, the mounting evidence against her, including text messages, motive, and past incidents of poisoning attempts, paints a troubling picture of a complicated and tragic case. Eric’s family and legal team are seeking justice for his untimely death and hope to uncover the truth behind the alleged murder and attempted poisonings.

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