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Strikes are a common occurrence in Europe as workers protest for better pay and working conditions. Some walkouts are planned well in advance while others are announced last minute, so it is important to stay informed before traveling. Our guide provides updated information on all European strikes, including details on flight and train cancellations and compensation entitlements. The strikes impact various countries and industries, causing disruption to travel plans throughout the region.

In Spain, multiple airport strikes are affecting Easter travel, with Palma airport in Majorca facing disruption over the Easter weekend due to security screening workers going on strike. Valencia airport is also experiencing daily lunchtime strikes. In the UK, Border Force workers are planning to strike over Easter holidays, which could lead to long queues and delays at London’s Heathrow Airport. Additionally, train workers in the UK are planning a series of one-day strikes in April over pay disputes, affecting various train services across the country.

In France, workers at the Ile-de-France bus and metro network have announced a seven-month strike notice from February to September over pay issues. This could potentially impact travel during the Paris 2024 Olympics if a resolution is not reached. However, in Germany, the threat of train strikes has been resolved as Deutsche Bahn reached an agreement with Germany’s GDL train drivers’ union after five months of negotiations and strikes. This deal ensures that there will be no strikes until at least February 2026.

It is important for travelers to stay informed about potential strikes in their destination countries to avoid disruptions to their travel plans. If a strike occurs that is not listed in the guide, readers are encouraged to reach out via Twitter to provide updated information. By staying up-to-date on strike activity in Europe, travelers can better navigate potential disruptions and ensure a smooth journey. Whether it is a last-minute announcement or a planned walkout, being aware of strike activity can help travelers make informed decisions and take necessary precautions to minimize the impact on their travels.

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