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Transitioning from corporate America to entrepreneurship can be a challenging journey for many women, but for Gail Becker, founder of CAULIPOWER, it was a risk worth taking. Disenchanted with the corporate world and inspired by her immigrant father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Becker decided to follow in his footsteps. She became one of the 1800 women in America who start new businesses every day, contributing to the $2.7 trillion in revenue generated by female-led businesses each year.

For women looking to balance a corporate job with entrepreneurship, Becker suggests trying to juggle both in the beginning. However, with the pandemic leading to a surge in entrepreneurship, more women are finding it easier to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Women-led businesses have been shown to provide a 63% greater return on investment than their male counterparts, showcasing the potential for success in this space. As Becker’s own venture, CAULIPOWER, is now worth over $500 million and sold in over 25,000 stores nationwide, she offers insights on transitioning out of corporate America into entrepreneurship.

One key lesson Becker learned from her corporate experience was the importance of company culture. When starting CAULIPOWER, her focus was on creating an environment where people could grow, contribute, and prosper. By hiring the right people and giving them a voice in decision-making, Becker believes mutual success can be achieved. Her tips for transitioning into entrepreneurship, such as not letting perfection be the enemy of progress and surrounding yourself with subject matter experts, have been instrumental in her own success.

As an entrepreneur, Becker emphasizes the importance of taking action on good ideas without waiting for perfection. Being willing to admit what you don’t know, seeking help from others, and tapping into the support of entrepreneurial communities can also be key to success. When introducing yourself as an entrepreneur, Becker suggests thinking of new ways to define your identity beyond traditional corporate titles. Embracing the unknown, seeking guidance from others, and being willing to take risks are all part of the entrepreneurial journey that Becker has navigated successfully, paving the way for other women to follow in her footsteps.

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