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Fox News Digital featured a variety of trending Lifestyle topics this week, including solar eclipse news, a viral Goodwill find, and heartwarming stories about furry friends. Readers were also encouraged to tackle fun quizzes and crosswords, with daily crossword puzzles available for seven days a week. The trending viral headlines in Lifestyle included the loss of over 100 cherry trees in Washington D.C., the financial habits of TikTok creators in a trend called “payday routine,” and alternative schedules for schools and universities during the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8. Other heartwarming stories highlighted included a group of female college students saving a family from a submerged car and a senior citizen adopting a shelter dog after 700 days.

In the Human Interest section, a woman in Austin, Texas, found a vintage evening gown designed by Jackie Kennedy’s personal designer at Goodwill, while the final message of a woman who passed away from cancer went viral on social media. Taste of America featured Denver chef Justin Cucci drawing inspiration from music for his food, while Spam musubi, a form of sushi made with Spam, fueled record growth for the canned meat. History & culture stories included the USS New Jersey leaving port for the first time in 24 years and the remarkable role of software engineer Margaret Hamilton in the Apollo 11 moon mission. Additionally, faith-focused articles highlighted college students’ prayers on the Christian prayer app Hallow during Lent and insights from Pastor Samuel Rodriguez on Luke 19:30.

Readers were also invited to try a new American Culture Quiz and explore more Lifestyle articles at Whether interested in heartwarming stories, fascinating history, or faith-focused content, Fox News Digital provides a diverse range of topics to engage with. With a mix of trending headlines, human interest stories, and informative content, readers can easily find something to capture their interest and dive into the world of Lifestyle news. From heartwarming rescues to surprising finds and insightful faith reflections, Fox News Digital offers a wide array of content to inform, inspire, and entertain readers across various topics in Lifestyle.

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