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The United Nations Security Council has revived the Palestinian Authority’s hopes of joining the United Nations as a full member, but the United States has made it clear that relations between Israel and the Palestinians are not yet ripe for this step. The U.S., as one of the five permanent members with veto power, insists that the Palestinian Authority needs to have control over all Palestinian territories and negotiate statehood with Israel before winning statehood. The Security Council has decided to make a formal decision on Palestinian U.N. membership this month, with a committee meeting scheduled for Thursday.

The Palestinian Authority administers parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, but has no authority in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas. Following years of failed peace talks, the Palestinians have turned to the United Nations in their pursuit of an independent state. However, Israel argues that these steps are an attempt to bypass the negotiation process and that the current right-wing government, dominated by hard-liners, opposes Palestinian statehood. The unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict has regained attention after the recent war between Israel and Hamas.

Supporters of the Palestinians’ request for full U.N. membership have asked the Security Council to revive the application submitted in 2011. The recent bid for membership comes amidst ongoing conflict and tensions in the region. Israel’s U.N. ambassador rejected the idea of Palestinian statehood, framing the issue as a matter of his country’s survival. He alleged that the Palestinians’ goal has always been the annihilation of the Jews, suggesting a long history of conflict between the two sides and deep-rooted ideological differences.

The committee that weighs membership applications will meet again this week to discuss the Palestinian Authority’s renewed bid for U.N. membership. While the Palestinian U.N. ambassador sees this as a historic moment, Israel remains adamant in its opposition to Palestinian statehood. Membership in the United Nations is seen as a significant step towards achieving independence for the Palestinians, allowing them greater representation on the global stage. The decisive position of the United States, as a key player in the Security Council, will greatly influence the outcome of this process.

The issue of full Palestinian membership in the United Nations remains a contentious topic, with strong opinions and conflicting perspectives on both sides. The deep-seated animosity between Israel and the Palestinians has been a long-standing issue that continues to defy resolution. The U.N.’s involvement in this conflict reflects its ongoing efforts to promote peace and stability in the region, despite the many challenges and obstacles that persist. The Security Council’s upcoming decision on Palestinian U.N. membership will be closely watched and is likely to have far-reaching implications for the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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