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Brandon Blackwell, a 22-year-old competitive quizzer from Queens, is determined to improve his skills and turn quizzing into a full-time career. To achieve this goal, he decides to move to London, the epicenter of competitive quizzing, where eight of the top 20 quizzers reside. In order to secure a British visa, he enrolls in Imperial College, a science and engineering school in London. Through his research, he discovers the BBC show “University Challenge,” a prestigious tournament of brainiacs that he aims to compete in.

After being admitted to Imperial College and making the University Challenge team, Blackwell and his teammates devise a strategic plan to train for the competition. They study their strengths and weaknesses, practice regularly with an electronic buzzer system, and develop a system for conferring during matches. With their intense preparation, they dominate their opponents in the opening rounds of the competition, impressing both viewers and host Jeremy Paxman with their knowledge and teamwork.

As they progress through the tournament, Imperial College’s team, led by Blackwell, continues to showcase their quiz expertise and strategic approach. They ultimately win the championship in 2020, with Blackwell earning the title of a national character and leaving a lasting impact on the school’s quizzing tactics. His departure from England in 2019 does not diminish his influence, as the methods he introduced at Imperial have been adopted and refined by subsequent teams, leading to continued success for the school in the competition.

Since achieving his dream of turning quizzing into a full-time profession, Blackwell has gone on to become a Chaser on both the U.S. and Australian versions of “The Chase.” In this role, he competes against contestants for cash prizes, utilizing his expert knowledge and strategic gameplay to outwit and defeat them. Despite the competitive nature of the show, Blackwell enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of making his opponents “go home unhappy,” showcasing his dedication and skill in the world of competitive quizzing.

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