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Two car shows in the Central Okanagan faced off on Sunday, attracting car enthusiasts and visitors. World of Wheels, previously held in Peachland during the May long weekend, moved to West Kelowna due to disagreements with the town. Concurrently, Peachland organized the Peachland Classic Car Show to fill the void left by World of Wheels. The event was organized by the Peachland Chamber of Commerce and volunteers, with the support of the town’s residents and business community. The Peachland show celebrated its 25th anniversary and featured over 250 cars, while West Kelowna showcased between 150 and 200 vehicles.

The Peachland car show focused on cars that were 25 years or older and was a significant economic event for the town. The event was strategically scheduled on the Sunday of the May long weekend to kick off the summer season for local businesses. The Peachland show extended along Beach Avenue, providing a scenic backdrop for the vintage cars on display. Meanwhile, the West Kelowna show was more compact and included additional attractions such as food trucks and a children’s play area. World of Wheels’ president, Pam Cunningham, praised the event’s organization and mentioned the convenience of having everything in one location.

The Peachland Chamber of Commerce expressed their gratitude for the support received from residents and businesses to ensure the success of the Peachland Classic Car Show. The event brought together car enthusiasts and showcased a diverse range of vintage vehicles, contributing to the town’s economic activity during the summer season. Despite initial concerns about the weather, participants enjoyed the car show and appreciated the variety of attractions available in West Kelowna. The relocation of World of Wheels and the introduction of the Peachland show created a friendly competition between the two events.

Both car shows in the Central Okanagan attracted a steady flow of visitors and participants, enhancing the sense of community and enthusiasm surrounding classic cars. The Peachland Classic Car Show’s 25th anniversary edition proved to be a milestone event for the town, reflecting the strong support from residents and businesses. The success of the event in Peachland highlighted the town’s ability to adapt to changes and continue hosting popular attractions during the summer season. As car enthusiasts gather to showcase their vintage vehicles, the Central Okanagan becomes a hub for car culture and community engagement during the May long weekend.

The friendly competition between the Peachland Classic Car Show and World of Wheels in West Kelowna showcased the diversity and passion within the car enthusiast community in the Central Okanagan. Despite the challenges of relocating the event, World of Wheels found a new home in West Kelowna and attracted a substantial number of vehicles and visitors. The Peachland Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to organize a successful car show demonstrated the town’s resilience and commitment to preserving local traditions. Both events contributed to the region’s economic activity and provided entertainment for residents and tourists visiting the Central Okanagan during the busy May long weekend.

In conclusion, the Central Okanagan hosted two exciting car shows on the same Sunday, with the Peachland Classic Car Show and World of Wheels competing for attention from visitors and participants. The events showcased a wide range of vintage vehicles and brought together car enthusiasts to celebrate classic cars in the scenic surroundings of Peachland and West Kelowna. The success of both shows reflected the resilience and community spirit of the Central Okanagan, emphasizing the importance of local traditions and events in enhancing economic activity and fostering a sense of belonging among residents and visitors during the summer season.

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