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The latest hair trend that is taking the internet by storm is the baroque bob, with searches for this style skyrocketing by 1,000 percent on Google in recent months. This particular bob style is characterized by its structured cut and voluminous, sculpted waves, achieved through a specific blow dry and finish technique. The baroque bob typically sits just above the shoulder and features longer, looser layers, allowing for more versatility in styling. Inspired by classic Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, the baroque bob exudes glamour and sophistication, making it a popular choice for those looking for a more polished and luxurious hair look.

The baroque bob perfectly encapsulates the overall hair trend for 2024, which is a shift towards more elegant and refined styles compared to the undone and effortless looks that were popular in previous years. This style is all about achieving a “done” look in a sophisticated way, with full, bouncy, and sexy hair being the ultimate goal. It serves as a great in-between cut for those growing out a shorter bob or wanting to go shorter without making a drastic change. Additionally, the baroque bob complements all face shapes and hair textures, making it a versatile option for anyone looking to try out this trend.

Styling the baroque bob involves enhancing volume and creating bouncy waves using the right products and tools. Hairstylist Francesca Inverarity recommends using volumizing sprays and blow drying the hair until it is 90 percent dry before using a hot brush or a Dyson Airwrap to create the desired wave. To finish the look, flipping the hair upside down and applying a texture spray can add shine, volume, and body to the style. For those with naturally curly or wavy hair, using a curl cream and mousse can help enhance and define the waves while adding width and fullness.

Once the desired volume and wave are achieved, playing around with the parting can further elevate the look. Flipping the parting to the side can create next-level volume and transform the overall appearance of the style. Accessories such as bejeweled hair slides and ribbons can also be used to enhance the baroque bob and add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Overall, the baroque bob is a timeless and versatile hairstyle that can be easily adapted to suit different hair types and personal preferences, making it a popular choice for those seeking a glamorous and sophisticated look.

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