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April brings the first Mercury retrograde of 2024, which will last from April 1 to April 24 in the sign of Aries. Mercury retrograde occurs three to four times a year when the planet appears to move backward, causing chaos and confusion in areas related to the mind, communication, travel, and technology. This can lead to mixed messages, brain fog, and canceled plans. The intensity of this retrograde may feel higher as it falls in the eclipse season, but productivity expert Avery Morgan advises embracing the chaos, building buffers into your schedule, having backup plans, and staying flexible.

To survive Mercury retrograde, Morgan recommends taking it slow, prioritizing quality over quantity, and carefully reviewing tasks before completing them. Listen to your circadian rhythm and plan tasks based on your natural energy levels. Engage in physical activities like exercise, massage, or yoga to shift your mood and motivation. Expect turbulent communications during this time, so actively listen, ask questions, and avoid criticism to prevent misunderstandings. Embrace monotony by focusing on everyday tasks that require concentration.

In these turbulent times, comfort can be found in completing easy and monotonous tasks that are free of mental strain. Focus on progress rather than perfection and give yourself grace during this retrograde. Walter Gjergja, a Shaolin monk and co-founder of a personal trainer app, recommends focusing on your physical body to control your mental and emotional state and practicing gratitude to shift your focus to the positives in your life. Stay clear, grateful, and breathing through the chaos of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde can be a challenging time, but it is possible to stay positive and productive by following these tips. Embrace the chaos, stay flexible, and prioritize quality in your tasks. Listen to your body’s natural rhythms and engage in physical activities to shift your mood. Improve your communication skills, embrace monotony, and let go of perfectionism. By focusing on the positives and practicing gratitude, you can navigate the challenges of Mercury retrograde with grace and ease. Good luck during this cosmic cycle!

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