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Boxer Ryan Garcia’s drug test samples before his fight against Devin Haney tested positive for banned performance-enhancing drugs. The B sample results confirmed the presence of the banned PED Ostarine, according to boxing writer Dan Rafael. Garcia reacted to the news on social media, expressing positive vibes and joking about loving steroids. However, his posts were later deleted. Garcia’s lawyers released a statement saying that he had his hair tested, which showed no evidence of ingesting Ostarine over a period of time, indicating contamination.

The statement emphasized Garcia’s commitment to clean and fair competition, denying intentional use of any banned substances. It mentioned that Garcia had voluntarily submitted to drug tests throughout his career and had tested negative multiple times leading up to the fight against Haney. The lawyers claimed that the microscopic levels of Ostarine found in Garcia’s system were likely due to contaminated supplements. They are in the process of testing the supplements to determine the exact source of contamination. Garcia’s upset victory over Haney was marred by the positive drug test results, leading to an ongoing investigation by the New York State Athletic Commission.

Prior to the fight, Garcia faced drama as he was three pounds overweight during the final weigh-ins, resulting in the WBC super lightweight championship belt not being on the line for the bout. Despite the controversy surrounding his weight and the positive drug test, Garcia’s victory over Haney was unexpected. Ostarine, the banned substance found in Garcia’s samples, is classified as a SARM and has been on the Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited substances list since 2008. The situation has raised questions about Garcia’s integrity and performance in the ring, with some calling for a lifetime ban.

Garcia’s lawyers maintain that he is a victim of supplement contamination, citing the negative results from his hair sample testing and his history of clean drug tests. They believe that the tiny amounts of Ostarine detected in his system did not provide him with any performance-enhancing advantage. The ongoing investigation and testing of supplements aim to uncover the exact source of contamination and exonerate Garcia from intentional doping. Despite the controversy, Garcia’s victory over Haney remains a significant achievement, overshadowed by the cloud of suspicion surrounding the positive drug test results.

The implications of Garcia’s positive drug test have sparked debate within the boxing community, with some questioning his integrity and others seeking clarification on the source of the banned substance. The controversy surrounding Garcia’s victory adds a layer of complexity to his career and reputation as a rising star in the sport. Moving forward, the investigation by the New York State Athletic Commission and the testing of supplements will shed light on the circumstances leading to the positive drug test results and determine the appropriate course of action. The outcome of this situation will have lasting implications for Garcia’s career and legacy in the boxing world.

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