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This week in tech, Apple announced several new updates at WWDC 2024, including iOS 18 with features like enhanced multitasking and a revamped Messages app, as well as macOS 13 with a new Control Center and improved Finder app. Swift Playgrounds 5 also received new tools for developers to create apps directly on iPad, making it easier for beginners to learn coding. As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of these features and work with your IT team to determine how they can improve productivity in your office.

Microsoft has decided to recall its Recall feature due to security concerns, with the AI-powered tool potentially giving hackers access to users’ PCs. The feature will now be offered as an opt-in tool rather than integrated into Windows, addressing some of the security pitfalls. This decision shows Microsoft’s responsiveness to the tech community and highlights the importance of addressing security issues in tech features that collect user data.

Yahoo is planning to launch its own AI features to compete with Apple’s Siri and Google’s Gemini, aiming to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance its products and services. By integrating AI features into its offerings, Yahoo hopes to revitalize its brand and attract new users. One notable change is the ability to link Yahoo inbox to other email accounts like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to send and receive all their emails from Yahoo Mail.

Adobe has promised to update its vague AI terms after facing backlash from users over concerns about training generative AI models using user-generated content. The company has pledged to never use user content for this purpose and to protect users’ personal data. This move comes in response to user outrage over a pop-up requesting acceptance of terms that would give Adobe access to user content for AI training, showing the importance of being transparent and responsible with users’ data.

Tezmaksan Robot Technologies has integrated CubeBox pallet pool systems with advanced software to optimize warehouse space utilization for manufacturers. This collaboration aims to enhance operational efficiency in manufacturing facilities by maximizing floor space, streamlining logistics, and improving inventory management. With warehouse costs on the rise, businesses are looking for cost-effective solutions to maximize the use of every square foot, making collaborations like this essential for operational excellence in production processes.

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