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Concern is growing over the representation of LIV Golf at major tournaments, as one of the tour’s top players, Louis Oosthuizen, has declined an invitation to the upcoming PGA Championship at Valhalla. Oosthuizen, the 2010 British Open champion, cited “personal commitments” as his reason for turning down the invitation. With the LIV Golf tour currently on pause, players are making their mark at major tournaments, despite not receiving world ranking points for LIV-sanctioned events last fall.

Despite being denied world ranking points, 16 players from the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour will be competing at Valhalla, with seven of them currently ranking within the top 100 players in the world. Notable players in the field include Brooks Koepka, who is the only active LIV Golf member to have won a major since joining the tour. Koepka won his fifth major title at the PGA Championship last year. Phil Mickelson, a six-time major winner and two-time PGA Championship winner, expressed concerns about the level of competition without some of the game’s best players in a since-deleted social media post. Mickelson will also be competing as part of the LIV Golf contingent at Valhalla.

In a statement from The Associated Press, it was reported that LIV Golf players are continuing to assert their presence at major tournaments, despite the tour being on pause following the LIV Golf Singapore event where Oosthuizen finished as the runner-up. The next tournament scheduled for the LIV Golf tour is set to take place in Houston. There are ongoing debates and concerns regarding the impact of LIV Golf on the traditional golf landscape, as more players are choosing to participate in the Saudi-backed tour.

The absence of Oosthuizen from the PGA Championship field list has raised questions about the relationship between LIV Golf and major tournaments. The tour’s ability to attract top players and its impact on the traditional golf world are subjects of ongoing debate. With key players like Oosthuizen opting out of major tournaments, critics are questioning the future direction and influence of LIV Golf on the sport. Despite the controversies and uncertainties surrounding LIV Golf, its players continue to compete at major events and make their mark on the golfing world.

As the LIV Golf tour faces challenges and scrutiny, players like Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson are standing out as prominent figures within the tour. Koepka’s success in winning major titles while being a member of LIV Golf highlights the tour’s potential to attract top talent. Mickelson’s concerns about the level of competition without certain players participating raise important questions about the future of golf in the context of emerging tours like LIV Golf. The impact of LIV Golf on the traditional golf landscape and the ongoing debates surrounding its influence continue to shape the narrative of the sport at major tournaments like the PGA Championship.

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