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David Johnson, an All-Pro in 2016 with the Arizona Cardinals, has announced his retirement from the NFL after eight seasons in the league. Johnson, 32, made the announcement on Instagram, expressing his gratitude to the people who supported him throughout his career. Despite not being a highly touted prospect in college, Johnson put in the work at Northern Iowa and was eventually drafted by the Cardinals in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He made an impact early in his career, stepping up when given the opportunity and leading the team in rushing yards and touchdowns. In 2016, Johnson had a standout season, totaling over 1,200 rushing yards and setting the team’s franchise record for most touchdowns in a single season.

Throughout his five seasons with the Cardinals, Johnson amassed over 3,000 rushing yards, over 2,000 receiving yards, and scored 48 total touchdowns. He joined the Houston Texans in 2020 as the team’s starter, putting up solid numbers in his first season with the team. However, in 2021, he transitioned to a backup role before joining the New Orleans Saints in 2022 and playing just five games. Johnson expressed his hope of positively impacting others both on and off the field, as well as his gratitude to the coaches and mentors who helped shape his career. He credited God for giving him the opportunity to pursue his dreams and expressed excitement for what the future holds in his next career path.

Johnson’s retirement marks the end of a successful NFL career that saw him earn multiple accolades, including All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors. Despite facing highs and lows throughout his time in the league, Johnson remains grateful for the relationships and brotherhoods he formed with his teammates. He reflected on his journey from an underrated college prospect to an NFL star and expressed his hope of leaving a positive impact on those he encountered along the way. Johnson’s accomplishments on the field, including setting franchise records, demonstrate the dedication and hard work he put into his career.

As Johnson transitions into retirement, he looks forward to embarking on a new career path that will bring him the same passion, excitement, and love as football did. While he may not yet know what that path will entail, he is eager to find his next calling and continue making a positive impact in the lives of others. Johnson’s retirement announcement serves as a reflection on his contributions to the sport of football, as well as a celebration of the friendships and experiences he gained throughout his time in the NFL. Though his time on the field has come to an end, Johnson’s legacy as a talented player and a positive influence will continue to resonate in the hearts of those who had the pleasure of watching him play.

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