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President Biden hosted a star-studded fundraiser in New York City that was interrupted multiple times by protesters both inside and outside the event. The protest, which occurred outside Radio City Music Hall, saw clashes with NYPD officers and included chants of “Genocide Joe, it is time to go.” The fundraiser reportedly raised $25 million and featured a panel discussion with Biden, former President Barack Obama, and former President Bill Clinton, which was moderated by Stephen Colbert. The protesters also disrupted the presidents’ remarks on Gaza, with several yelling “blood on your hands.”

Actor Sean Hayes shared a photo on Instagram from the fundraiser, showing him alongside Biden, Obama, and Clinton, as well as actors Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. Hayes called it a “historical moment.” The interruption by protesters continued throughout the event, with one person shouting, “You’re out of your f—ing minds.” There were also disruptions during the Q&A session with the presidents, with more shouts of “blood on your hands.” The protests highlight the ongoing tensions and protests surrounding the conflict in Gaza and the Middle East more broadly.

The protest in New York City is just one of several recent demonstrations in support of Palestine and against Israel that have taken place in major cities like New York and Washington, D.C. Anti-Israel protesters disrupted Black Friday shopping to call for a Palestinian uprising, chanting slogans like “Intifada revolution.” The protests reflect growing concern and anger over the situation in Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with many calling for a more robust response from the international community.

The disruptions during the fundraiser and the ongoing protests highlight the deep divisions and emotions surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict, with many feeling frustrated by the lack of progress and the ongoing violence and suffering. The protests outside Radio City Music Hall and the interruptions during the event with Biden, Obama, and Clinton underscore the urgency and passion of those calling for change and justice in the region. The protests also serve as a reminder of the complexities and challenges of addressing the conflict and the need for meaningful dialogue and action.

The presence of prominent political figures like Biden, Obama, and Clinton at the fundraiser, as well as actors like Hayes, Bateman, and Arnett, underscores the high profile and importance of the event. The fundraiser reportedly raised $25 million, highlighting the significant support for the Democratic Party and its leaders. The disruptions by protesters both inside and outside the event bring attention to the ongoing activism and calls for change in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as broader concerns about foreign policy and human rights. The protests serve as a stark reminder of the deep-seated divisions and passions surrounding the conflict and the need for continued advocacy and engagement on the issue.

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