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The first judicial conviction in the case of the fatal shooting during the filming of the movie “Rust”


The first assistant director of “Rust,” the filming of which saw an accidental shooting by actor and producer Alec Baldwin that took the life of a cinematographer, was given a suspended six-month prison sentence Friday after a plea bargain.

This is the first conviction in the case, for negligence in the use of a deadly weapon.

It was this first assistant, Dave Holz, who, on October 21, 2021, handed Alec Baldwin a weapon that was supposed to be loaded with chelate bullets, and the actor activated it, killing Helena Hutchins and wounding director Joel Sousa.

Dave Halls, 63, gave him the gun and told Baldwin he was “cool,” meaning, in Hollywood parlance, not dangerous.

Alec Baldwin, along with the film’s weapons officer Hannah Gutierrez Reid, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter and face up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The police investigation focused specifically on determining how to obtain live ammunition used in this shooting at a New Mexico ranch, which is strictly prohibited to avoid such incidents.

The police concluded that Hannah Gutierrez Reid placed the ammunition in the weapon used by Alec Baldwin, rather than a claw bullet.

Attorney General Carey Morrissey concluded during a hearing Friday in a New Mexico state court that Dave Holz, who also served as the security coordinator for the low-budget film shoot and was therefore the “last line of defence,” did not “check every cartridge in the gun to make sure it was faulty.” stuffed”.

Alec Baldwin (64 years old), who is especially famous for the series “30 Rock”, has always said that the filming officials repeatedly assured him that his weapon was not dangerous.

By pleading guilty Friday, Dave Holz agrees to testify in the future on this matter.