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The top left calls Wagenknecht’s announcement “irresponsible”


The left-wing MP Wagenknecht is again thinking publicly about founding a new party. This has met with resentment among party leaders. Party veteran Gysi also has a clear stance on the announcement.

After the Left MP Sahra Wagenknecht had reconsidered founding a new party in an interview, the party chairmen Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewan were outraged.

“It is irresponsible to announce that a decision will be made about the formation of a competing party in the course of the next few months,” said the Left Party. “It offends the thousands of members who work locally for the left and its goals.”

Wagenknecht sharply criticizes the party leadership

In an interview with “ZDFheute”, Wagenknecht had previously said that she expected to make a decision by the end of the year as to whether she wanted to found a new party. “Founding a party depends on prerequisites, including legal ones. You have to build structures,” says Wagenknecht. “The expectation that one could – even if one had decided – just launch such a party, from one week to the next, that would be doomed to failure.”

According to Wagenknecht, new parties always run the risk of difficult people wanting to take part. With “Getting Up” she experienced that this could cause a project to fail.

At the same time, Wagenknecht sharply criticized the top left: “The party leadership is pursuing a course that has little to do with my idea of ​​sensible left-wing politics.”

Gysi strives for arbitration

Wissler and Schirdewan demanded that Wagenknecht end the deliberations. “We call on everyone to reject efforts to split,” the party leaders said. They wanted to defend and develop the left as a “plural socialist party”.

Party veteran Gregor Gysi says he is trying to mediate between the party leadership and Wagenknecht. He was against Wagenknecht founding a new party, because “that would be competition with my own party.” “Then these two parties would of course attack each other properly, and I don’t know if our society needs that,” said Gysi “ZDFheute”.

“Don’t torment the party forever”

Gysi emphasized that he knew what the mood was like when you wanted to found a party: “In December 1989 I was wildly determined, and that Sahra is now so wildly determined to build a new party – I’m not sure.” Ultimately, however, she decides together with others.

According to Gysi, there is only one thing that doesn’t work, namely “that we deal with this question for months and don’t concentrate on the questions that are necessary”. Anyone who wants to found a new party should do so – “and not torment the party forever”.