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Financial education: online training specifically for women


There financial education week is held from March 20 to 26. It is organized in more than 100 countries under the aegis of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In France, the Banque de France, as the national operator of the economic, budgetary and financial education strategy, is responsible for the 11e edition of the event.

How to better manage a budget and a bank account, use means of payment safely, measure the cost of a loan, choose suitable insurance, save to deal with unforeseen events and finance projects, know how to react in the event of difficulties financial, identifying and avoiding scams… These essential subjects will be at the heart of the actions implemented for this edition. During this week, awareness workshops favoring a fun-pedagogical approach and exchange will be offered free of charge everywhere in France.

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Newsletter, podcast, Instagram account, webinar: many financial education courses are specifically aimed at a female audience, such as Plan Cash, Femca, ViveS, Richissime or Mon budget bento. “Women don’t talk much about money with friends, unlike men, who discuss their investments with each othernotes Hélène Gherbi, founder of the Femca personal finance training platform. We respond to this need with, in particular, collective training sessions. This creates a group effect and gives them the impetus to start investing. »

It is not a question of recommending the life insurance contract of such or such company: it is even completely prohibited, since the activity of advice in financial investments is regulated and reserved for approved actors. These training courses are more intended to put your foot in the stirrup, by giving the keys to the main investments (stock market, real estate, retirement, etc.) and the management of a budget without technical jargon and with an often offbeat tone.

“Practical-practical” training

In her posts, Maeva, from Mon budget bento, addresses her readers, sprinkles her explanations with emojis and does not use complicated terms, including when she deciphers the operation of a term account or a savings plan. ‘pension saving. Just because we’re talking about finance doesn’t mean we have to be boring. I use tu my readers, because I am like that in life! », explains Maeva, a tech salesperson who has made financial education her hobby. She started this adventure with an Instagram account, whose 53,000 followers are mainly active women aged 24 to 35.

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