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A recent Gallup poll showed that approval of Israel’s actions in Gaza has decreased among Americans for the first time since the conflict began. This decline has been attributed to President Biden’s handling of the situation, with critics accusing him of abandoning Israel. Democrat voters, who traditionally disapproved of Israel’s actions, saw support plummet to 18%. Meanwhile, Republicans, who overwhelmingly approved in November, still support Israel, although their approval rates have decreased slightly.

The poll was conducted between March 1 and 20 and found that 55% of Americans now disapprove of Israel’s actions, with 36% approving and 9% having no opinion. The survey also highlighted that 74% of those polled are actively following news of the crisis. This political division over approval remains consistent with Republicans predominantly approving and Democrats mostly disapproving. Some critics argue that President Biden has been too closely aligned with Israel by not taking stronger actions to promote a cease-fire and assist Palestinian civilians.

According to experts, Americans have absorbed the conflict through various channels such as traditional media, social media, and conversations with friends and colleagues. The coverage has differed in some aspects, with Israeli leaders criticizing their country’s outreach efforts. The narrative in Israel focuses on their own suffering, heroism, and threats from Palestinians, while the rest of the world discusses civilian casualties in Gaza and humanitarian conditions. This disparity in narratives makes it challenging for Israelis to shape other stories and often leads to a rejection of alternative viewpoints.

President Biden’s approval rating for his handling of the situation in Gaza stands at 16%, with Democrats at 47%, a significant drop from the 60% approval in November. Overall, Biden’s approval rating has reached around 40%, as Americans have more confidence in the economy. With Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict facing criticism, the U.S.-Israel relationship has been strained to a low point in its history, with America’s reputation as a credible ally called into question. Israel’s enemies see America’s actions as abandoning Israel at a critical time in the conflict.

The divide in American public opinion on Israel’s actions in Gaza reflects the ongoing political tension within the country. While Republicans continue to support Israel, Democrats are increasingly critical. President Biden’s approach to the situation has been met with disapproval from both sides, further complicating the U.S.-Israel relationship. The differing narratives in Israel and the rest of the world add additional layers of complexity to the understanding and interpretation of the conflict, making it challenging to find common ground and resolve the issues at hand.

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