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Expedia has released its annual trending trips list for the upcoming Easter holidays, providing insight into the most popular destinations to visit this spring. While locations like Bangkok, New York, and Tokyo are among the hottest places to visit, popular European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona are also trending. Amsterdam, known as the ‘Venice of the North,’ offers mild spring weather and iconic cultural offerings, making it a popular choice for tourists. Paris, coming in at number two on the list, showcases its beauty in the springtime with cherry blossoms and French cuisine, while Barcelona offers Gaudi-themed attractions and warm temperatures perfect for sightseeing.

Rome, considered one of the oldest cities in the world, remains a top European destination with its iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Malaga, located in southern Spain, boasts a subtropical climate ideal for year-round visits, with spring being the best time to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine. Istanbul, known as the gateway to Asia, offers a unique blend of cultures and architectural icons, along with the opportunity to swim between Europe and Asia. Lisbon, rounding off Expedia’s list, is a popular destination known for its affordability, sunshine, and variety of attractions, making it appealing to digital nomads and travelers alike.

Expedia suggests that the most affordable date to fly during the Easter holidays will be 30 March, Easter Saturday, based on historical flight data. Departing on a Saturday is generally cheaper for both international and domestic flights, offering cost savings for travelers. Wednesdays tend to be the most expensive departure days, while Tuesdays are busiest at airports. Saturdays and Sundays are recommended as the least busy days to travel, providing a more relaxed experience for tourists looking to avoid crowded airports and flights.

Spring has arrived, and with the Easter holidays approaching, many are planning their springtime escapes. Expedia’s Easter Travel Outlook highlights the trending destinations in Europe, including popular cities like Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona, which offer a mix of cultural experiences, iconic landmarks, and pleasant weather for travelers. Rome and Malaga, known for their historical charm and Mediterranean climate, are also recommended destinations this spring. Istanbul and Lisbon round off the list, offering unique cultural experiences, affordability, and sunshine for a memorable Easter getaway. Travelers looking for the best value for money can benefit from Expedia’s insights on affordable travel dates and tips for avoiding peak travel times during the Easter holidays.

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