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Steps to get rid of annoying food smells in the kitchen


While cooking food, especially when using ingredients such as garlic, onions, red meat and poultry, its smell spreads in the kitchen air, and the strong smell lingers in the space after work. The following household steps are enough to eliminate the unpleasant odor, as well as freshen up the kitchen.

Ways to eliminate the smell of the kitchen

Boiled lemon peels get rid of the annoying smell of food
  • It is recommended to open the windows for fresh air to enter all rooms of the house, as well as the kitchen, during cooking, and to turn on the fan or hood in the kitchen.

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  • It is useful to wipe surfaces with fresh lemon juice mixed with water to eliminate any unpleasant smell.
  • Boil the lemon peels, which spreads the smell of fresh fruits in the kitchen, and eliminates the smell of cooking, especially fried garlic and onions.
  • Pour a generous amount of baking soda powder into a dish. Leave the latter exposed in the kitchen, which leads to the absorption of unpleasant odors. In addition, when leftovers consisting of garlic, onions, or both are kept in the refrigerator, the latter gives off an undesirable smell. On the other hand, the problem is treated by placing a dish filled with baking soda in order to absorb any lingering smell, with the importance of cleaning the refrigerator regularly.
  • Add one or two tablespoons of coffee to a bowl, and pour water. Boil the coffee for 3 minutes, keep it in the kitchen for 20 minutes, and heat it up again, until the smell is completely eliminated.
Cinnamon must be boiled to reach satisfactory results in a kitchen perfume
  • Boil cinnamon powder with 4 cups of water, in a saucepan, for 5 minutes. Leave the pot in the kitchen in order to eliminate the bad smell easily.

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General tips to get rid of the smell of cooking

Cooking meat and poultry creates an unpleasant odor in the kitchen

1. Cleans surfaces in the kitchen, as well as equipment used in cooking, such as the oven, the kitchen sink…

2. Take out the trash bag, as you wipe the basket, using vinegar.
3. It is useful to quickly clear dishes, trays and pots used for cooking.
4. It is inevitable to wash the clothes that the chef is wearing, adding white vinegar to the washing machine and detergent.

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