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The desire for Perth to grow into a bustling metropolis is expressed, with a focus on attracting young people who traditionally seek the excitement of major cities. The recent influx of events, such as concerts and shows, has added energy to Perth but also highlighted flaws in the public transportation system. The chaotic scenes around entertainment venues raise questions about the city’s readiness to handle increased population and traffic as it transitions from a “big country town” to a true urban centre.

Efforts by mayors to revitalize Perth and Fremantle and draw people into the CBDs are acknowledged, but concerns about the city’s ability to handle growth are raised. The issue of soaring house prices pushing residents further out into the suburbs, leading to increased traffic congestion, becomes a key focus. The idea of a sprawling city losing its vibrancy and cultural mix is examined, exploring the potential risks and challenges associated with rapid growth.

The desire for a vibrant city worthy of its size is evident, with a hope for a diverse cultural mix akin to major international cities. The concern that Perth’s growth may result in a monoculture dominated by the mining industry is expressed, with worries about the potential loss of creativity and energy. The need to balance growth with maintaining a unique identity and fostering a dynamic urban environment is emphasized.

The need for improved public transportation infrastructure, such as light rail, to alleviate traffic congestion and provide convenient access to key areas like Fremantle and the city centre is highlighted. The aspiration for a thriving city with bustling streets, vibrant nightlife, and diverse cultural experiences is articulated, drawing comparisons to international cities like Barcelona and Berlin. The vision for Perth to evolve into a bustling metropolis while retaining its character and charm is expressed, with a desire for growth that enhances rather than diminishes the city’s appeal.

The challenge of managing growth while addressing housing affordability, service provision, and infrastructure development is acknowledged. The potential for Perth to undergo significant transformation and emerge as a dynamic, engaging urban centre is weighed against concerns about maintaining liveability, accessibility, and cultural richness. The importance of planning and managing growth effectively to create a city that is both attractive and sustainable is underscored, with a call for proactive measures to ensure Perth’s evolution meets the needs and aspirations of its residents.

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