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House Democrats are considering saving Mike Johnson’s speakership by outlining a pathway to approving aid to Ukraine, which would prompt Democrats to vote in his favor. Johnson has shown openness to a bipartisan plan emerging in the House but faces opposition due to new border security restrictions and turning the aid into a loan for Ukraine. The first procedural vote to oust Johnson is expected to take the form of a motion to kill Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resolution to vacate the speakership, but Democrats are waiting for Johnson to publicly state his intentions on Ukraine aid.

Before Greene announced her intention to force a vote seeking Johnson’s ouster, he was already telling Republicans he was ready to move on an aid package for Ukraine when they return, although the form of this package remains unclear. Several Republicans have warned that Greene’s move to oust Johnson could cost them the House in November, and Greene indicated she may not force a vote this Congress. The chaos in the House is causing disengagement from politics among constituents, with warnings that it could harm the majority in the upcoming election.

House Republicans are divided over whether to support Greene’s motion to vacate, with some hardliners open to the conversation while others are reluctant and emphasize the need for the House Majority to function smoothly. McCarthy urged Johnson not to fear a potential vote to oust him and to focus on the country and his duties. The uncertainty surrounding Johnson’s speakership and the potential damage of another speakership fight in an election year is causing concern among Republicans, with warnings that it could turn people off politics and harm their majority status.

The potential implications of a vote to oust Johnson, the lack of enthusiasm for the bipartisan plan on Ukraine aid, and the uncertainty surrounding the House majority are all contributing to the current crisis in the House. Greene’s decision on whether to force a vote to vacate Johnson’s speakership and the response from House Republicans will play a significant role in determining the outcome of this situation. The atmosphere of division and chaos within the House risks alienating voters and damaging the ability of Congress to effectively govern and address critical issues such as national security and foreign aid. Ultimately, the future of Johnson’s speakership and the House majority rests on the decisions and actions of key players within the Republican Party.

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