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A Home Depot store in New York has deployed guard dogs in response to aggressive migrants and thieves flooding their parking lots. The use of guard dogs is meant to provide a sense of omnipresence to deter unwanted behavior, such as people breaking into cars or harassing shoppers. The decision to hire security guards was made in response to multiple issues faced by the store, beyond just the presence of migrants.

At the New Rochelle Home Depot, the presence of security guards and guard dogs has kept the parking lot quiet and free from migrants hovering around. However, seven miles away in The Bronx, another Home Depot location has seen a significant number of male migrants loitering around the store. While some migrants are simply looking for day labor work, others aggressively approach shoppers, trying to sell them counterfeit products or demanding tips for assisting them with their purchases.

The aggressive behavior of some migrants has caused discomfort for both employees and customers at the Home Depot stores. Women, in particular, have felt uncomfortable as migrants follow them to their cars and make unsolicited attempts to assist with their purchases. Several incidents of theft and harassment by migrants have been reported, causing concern among those working and shopping at the store.

Despite complaints from customers and employees about the presence of migrants in the store parking lots, Home Depot has so far faced challenges in addressing the issue effectively. While efforts have been made to hire security personnel and guard dogs to patrol the locations, the problem persists. The company’s corporate spokesperson acknowledged the concerns raised by customers but did not provide detailed information on additional security measures being planned for the Bronx stores.

The influx of migrants at the Home Depot locations has had both positive and negative impacts on the communities they serve. While some migrants, like the Mexican national Jimeno, seek legitimate work opportunities from contractors at the store, others engage in aggressive solicitation practices that affect the ability of day laborers to find work. The presence of aggressive solicitors has created confusion and fear among customers and contractors, making it harder for legitimate workers to connect with potential job opportunities.

As Home Depot continues to grapple with the challenges posed by aggressive migrants and thieves in their parking lots, the company emphasizes its commitment to enforcing policies against loitering and solicitation. While specific security measures are not disclosed publicly, the company works closely with law enforcement and utilizes third-party security to maintain a safe environment for employees and customers. Concerns about the impact of aggressive behaviors by migrants on legitimate workers and customers remain, prompting ongoing efforts to address the issue effectively.

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