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The City of Guelph is actively seeking a site for a proposed temporary structured encampment to address homelessness. The city recently put out a call to property owners who are willing to donate land for this purpose. This initiative comes after Mayor Cam Guthrie directed city staff to bring back a report on the logistics, costs, and processes for establishing a temporary encampment site. The search includes potential locations that are both municipally-owned and privately-owned.

James Goodram, manager of Economic Development and Tourism for the city, stated that they are specifically looking at city-owned properties and following up on the possibility of using private sector land. The criteria for potential sites include the property owner being willing to donate the land for a minimum of three years. While the city is primarily focusing on finding a spot close to downtown, they are open to considering other locations as well. Goodram emphasized the need to review potential sites before determining the appropriate size of land required for the project.

The concept of a temporary structured encampment was initially discussed during a city council meeting in October. These proposed encampments would differ from traditional tent encampments by offering secure, tiny structures equipped with amenities such as bathrooms and kitchens. Property owners who are interested in donating land for this cause are encouraged to reach out to the city via email at [email protected] by April 26. Goodram stated that interested parties should express their willingness to participate, with further details to be discussed at a later date as the project progresses.

Overall, the City of Guelph’s search for a suitable site for a temporary structured encampment highlights their commitment to addressing homelessness and providing support to vulnerable individuals within the community. By reaching out to property owners for land donations, the city is taking proactive steps to actualize this initiative proposed by Mayor Guthrie. The inclusion of amenities in the encampments underscores the city’s focus on creating safe and dignified housing solutions for those experiencing homelessness. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with the city to contribute to this important effort.

The city’s approach to the temporary encampment project reflects a collaborative effort between government agencies, private property owners, and community members. By exploring both city-owned and privately-owned sites as potential locations for the encampment, Guelph is demonstrating a willingness to engage with various stakeholders to address complex social issues. The call for land donations underscores the importance of community involvement in tackling homelessness and supporting marginalized populations. Through this initiative, the city is not only seeking to provide temporary housing but also working towards long-term solutions for homelessness in Guelph.

In conclusion, the City of Guelph’s search for a suitable site for a temporary structured encampment represents a proactive and community-driven approach to addressing homelessness. By soliciting land donations from property owners, the city is taking concrete steps towards implementing a housing solution for vulnerable individuals. The inclusion of amenities in the encampments reflects a commitment to providing dignified living conditions for those in need. This initiative highlights the city’s commitment to collaboration and engagement with various stakeholders in finding sustainable solutions to homelessness in Guelph. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the city to contribute to this important project.

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