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Fox News has obtained exclusive footage from the southern border that shows a surge in illegal migrant activity in New Mexico. The video captured men walking around the border wall in Sunland before one crossed into the United States. Coyotes and scouts were also seen monitoring Border Patrol agents and Fox’s crew. Border Patrol officials mentioned losing control of Mt. Cristo Rey to human smugglers in the area, indicating the severity of the situation.

The United States is currently in the fourth year of a historic migrant crisis at the southern border, with New Mexico becoming a top destination for those seeking to enter the country illegally. In Nogales, Arizona, Customs and Border Protection officers seized weapons and cash in ten separate incidents, including one man with a gun strapped onto his chest. However, the situation in Eagle Pass, Texas, has improved due to increased border security measures imposed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Despite improvements in some areas, there have still been surges toward the border in El Paso, with migrants cutting razor wire before rushing toward the wall. In the El Paso Sector, 29 migrants were found in a human smuggling stash house, while agents in the Del Rio Sector arrested two confirmed sex offenders. The border crisis remains a contentious issue, with the Biden administration calling for more resources and immigration reform, while Republicans blame the administration for rolling back Trump-era policies.

The border crisis has become a top political issue heading into the 2024 election, with concerns over the influx of illegal migrants and the need for comprehensive immigration reform. The lack of control over certain areas of the border has forced Border Patrol to respond to multiple incidents of migrants attempting to cross illegally. The battle over immigration policy has led to legal disputes between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Biden administration, with Abbott reinforcing the barrier with additional concertina wire.

In response to the ongoing crisis, the Biden administration is seeking more funding from Congress to address the situation and implement consequences for illegal crossings while expanding lawful migration pathways. The administration has also called for the passage of a bipartisan Senate bill to address the broken immigration system. However, Republicans argue that the crisis is a result of the administration’s policies, including the expansion of catch-and-release and reduced interior enforcement. The situation at the border continues to evolve, with states like Texas taking matters into their own hands to secure their borders.

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