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Two California brothers, Taylen and Wyatt Brooks, were attacked by a mountain lion while walking along a dirt roadway searching for deer antler sheds in a remote area of Northern California’s foothills. The mountain lion charged at Wyatt, clamping his jaw around his face and pinning him to the ground. Taylen began to beat the animal while Wyatt wrestled it, but the mountain lion eventually escaped and went after Taylen. Wyatt tried to beat the animal and call for help, but was forced to go to get cell service to make the call. Taylen tragically died during the attack, despite efforts to scare off the mountain lion by law enforcement officers.

Wyatt Brooks, who survived the attack, suffered severe lacerations to his face and neck. He was taken to a local hospital before being transferred to UC Davis Health in Sacramento for reconstructive surgery. Wyatt, who is training to become a firefighter, is now recovering at home. The brothers were described as being very close, enjoying hunting and fishing together almost daily. Taylen worked with his father painting houses and cutting firewood, and was said to be a talented guitar player who loved fishing. The family of the brothers expressed devastation at the loss of Taylen and gratitude that Wyatt survived the attack.

After the attack, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife employed a professional trapper who located and euthanized the mountain lion within a few hours. DNA analysis confirmed that it was the same lion responsible for the attack. The lion was identified as a healthy male weighing about 90 pounds. The department stated that while mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, they do occur, with the last fatal attack in California happening in 2004. The family and community are mourning the loss of Taylen Brooks and supporting Wyatt in his recovery.

The brothers were walking in Kelsey, near Georgetown, when the mountain lion began to approach them. In an effort to scare off the animal, the pair raised their hands, shouted, yelled, and even threw a backpack at the lion. Despite their attempts, the mountain lion attacked Wyatt, leading to a tragic sequence of events that resulted in Taylen’s death. Wyatt’s quick thinking in calling for help and law enforcement’s response to the scene were crucial in ensuring his survival and ultimately locating and dealing with the mountain lion responsible for the attack. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of encountering wild animals in remote areas.

The sheriff’s office report detailed the harrowing account of the attack, with Wyatt and Taylen bravely attempting to fend off the mountain lion. The wild animal’s aggressive behavior and sudden attack caught the brothers off guard, leading to a fight for survival. Wyatt’s actions to try and protect his brother and call for help showcased his resilience and determination to survive the terrifying ordeal. The family’s statement expressing their immense sorrow at Taylen’s passing and relief that Wyatt survived highlights the emotional toll of the tragic event on their close-knit family.

As Wyatt continues to recover from his injuries, the community is coming together to support the Brooks-Welsh family during this difficult time. The loss of Taylen has deeply affected his loved ones, who remember him as a kind and gentle soul who will be greatly missed. The swift action taken by law enforcement and wildlife officials to locate and deal with the mountain lion responsible for the attack helped bring a sense of closure to the situation. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the potential risks involved in outdoor activities and interactions with wildlife in wilderness areas.

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