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Sanya Richards-Ross recently made the decision to exit The Real Housewives of Atlanta after being a cast member for seasons 14 and 15. She explained that the timing was perfect, as she had just welcomed her second child and needed to focus on being present for her family. While she enjoyed her time on the show and interacting with the other women, Richards-Ross felt that it was the right moment to move on and explore other opportunities. She also expressed her support for her former castmates who will be returning for season 16.

Richards-Ross admitted that she was not surprised by the decision of Bravo not to renew her contract for the upcoming season. She had already mentally moved on and had other things she wanted to pursue. Despite leaving the show, she still maintains a positive relationship with the women from RHOA, including keeping in touch with Marlo Hampton and receiving well wishes from other cast members after the birth of her second child. Richards-Ross believes that the experience on the show allowed her to connect with a new group of people and develop lasting relationships.

The Olympian revealed that she was caught off guard by Kandi Burruss’ decision to also leave the show, as she considered Burruss to be a staple on RHOA. However, she commended Burruss for being honest with herself and making a difficult decision to step away from the franchise. Richards-Ross expressed her support for Burruss and hoped that she would have the opportunity to spend more time with her family and continue to grow as a businesswoman. Despite the unexpected departure of Burruss, Richards-Ross remains excited for the upcoming season and wishes the returning cast members the best of luck.

In addition to her time on RHOA, Richards-Ross has embarked on a new collaboration with SHEIN, honoring women for Women’s History Month. She partnered with her mother and sister for the collection, selecting pieces that would appeal to a diverse audience of women. Richards-Ross emphasized the importance of representing different body types and personal styles within the collection, creating a special experience for herself, her mother, and her sister as they worked together on the project. The collaboration with SHEIN provided an opportunity for Richards-Ross to celebrate the women who have had a significant impact on her life and career.

Looking ahead, Richards-Ross is enthusiastic about her next chapter and the new opportunities that await her. She is eager to explore other ventures and continue to grow personally and professionally. While she may no longer be a part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Richards-Ross remains supportive of the women she shared the screen with and hopes for a successful season 16. She believes that leaving the show was the right decision for her at that moment and is excited to see what the future holds as she moves on to new challenges and experiences.

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