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Dennis Quaid reflects on his experience preparing for his role as Jerry Lee Lewis in the film Great Balls of Fire! in 1989, revealing that he spent a year practicing the piano for 12 hours a day, aided by his cocaine use. After portraying Lewis on screen, Quaid himself checked into rehab for cocaine addiction. He learned the importance of not letting work consume his life and has since continued to play the piano, maintaining that skill. His return to his Christian faith has been a crucial part of his sobriety, and he has taken on new roles in Hollywood, including in the film The Long Game.

Quaid reflects on his past struggles with addiction and how rehab, or “cocaine school”, taught him the importance of leaving work at work and not letting it affect his personal life. Despite the challenges he faced, Quaid has continued to pursue his acting career and has found success in Hollywood. His role in The Long Game allowed him to share a story of hope and triumph, appealing to audiences who want to feel something when they watch a movie. Quaid remains optimistic about his future in both his personal life and his career, having recently celebrated his 70th birthday and feeling grateful for the life he has built with his wife Laura Savoie.

Quaid’s dedication to his recovery and spirituality has played a significant role in his ability to overcome his past struggles with addiction. He credits his faith for helping him navigate through difficult times and find happiness in the present moment. The actor emphasizes the importance of appreciating each day and remaining calm in the face of challenges. Despite the ups and downs he has experienced, Quaid feels that life has become easier as he has gotten older and that he is truly at a happy place in his life. The Long Game, the film he stars in, is a reflection of his desire to share stories that resonate with audiences and evoke feelings of hope and inspiration.

Quaid’s role as Jerry Lee Lewis had a lasting impact on him, leading to his personal battle with addiction and eventual recovery. Through his experiences, he has learned valuable lessons about the dangers of letting work consume one’s life and the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal well-being. His dedication to his sobriety and faith has allowed him to continue pursuing his passion for acting and storytelling, taking on roles that inspire and entertain audiences. As he reflects on his journey, Quaid remains grateful for the challenges he has faced and the wisdom he has gained, finding joy in the simple moments of everyday life. With The Long Game now in theaters, he continues to spread messages of hope and resilience through his work in Hollywood.

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