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Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, facing a tough re-election battle, released an ad highlighting his strength on the immigration issue. The ad featured several Ohio sheriffs praising Brown for sponsoring laws cracking down on illegal drugs and keeping communities safe. However, a review of Brown’s voting record by Fox News Digital revealed instances where he voted against measures aimed at drug enforcement at the border. This includes voting against amendments providing funds for Border Patrol to detect drugs and against legislation cracking down on illegal immigration.

Despite his ad promoting his stance on immigration, Brown’s voting record tells a different story. He voted against measures such as providing funds for Border Patrol for drug detection and for cracking down on illegal immigration. Brown also joined Senate Democrats in voting against an amendment to ensure illegal immigrants are not counted in the census for congressional apportionment. Critics of Brown argue that his voting record shows a different stance on border security and immigration than what is presented in his ad.

Brown has been vocal in his opposition to Trump’s border wall, criticizing the diversion of funds from essential services to support the wall. He has also expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of a long border wall, advocating for a broader approach to border security. Brown’s voting record on immigration includes rejecting proposals such as delaying legal status for illegal immigrants until a border fence is constructed and voting against restricting COVID funds from sanctuary jurisdictions.

Brown’s opponent, Bernie Moreno, has criticized Brown for his voting record on border security and immigration. Republicans accuse Brown of voting against deportations, border wall funding, and mandatory minimums for illegal immigrants, and in favor of sanctuary cities. They argue that Brown’s voting record aligns with Biden’s policies, which they claim have contributed to the border crisis and the surge in fentanyl smuggling. Critics believe Brown’s ad is an attempt to distract voters from the impact of Biden’s border policies on issues like illegal migration and drug trafficking.

As Brown faces a tough re-election battle against Moreno in November, the race is expected to be closely watched as Republicans aim to regain control of the Senate. Critics of Brown, including the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Center for Immigration Studies, argue that his voting record on border security and immigration reflects an open-border stance that has contributed to the border crisis and the surge in illicit drugs. They believe that voters will see through Brown’s attempts to portray himself as tough on immigration in his campaign ad.

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