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The release of Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, Tortured Poets Department (TTPD), has fans excited to hear about her rumored breakup with Joe Alwyn, as well as her brief romance with Matty Healy. The album, if following a chronological order of events in Swift’s life, may begin with tracks centered on Alwyn, before moving into songs that give insight into her time with Healy. The song “Florida!!!” written with Florence Welch, could be a turning point as it reflects where Swift was when her breakup with Alwyn was announced after nearly six years together.

Rumors of Swift’s relationship with Healy began shortly after her split from Alwyn, with Healy attending her concerts in Nashville. The pair were linked back in 2014 but never confirmed a romance. Despite some controversial comments Healy made about dating a more famous person, he and Swift maintained a professional relationship leading up to TTPD’s release. Speculation of them dating grew as they were seen together in public, even mouthing similar phrases at separate events, hinting at a romantic connection.

However, things took a turn when past comments made by Healy resurfaced, causing some fans to believe that his problematic behavior led to the downfall of their relationship. By June 2023, Swift and Healy had parted ways, with sources confirming that they were no longer romantically involved and that their relationship was never serious. Songs on TTPD such as “Guilty as Sin” and “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” are rumored to be about Healy, reflecting on their failed romance.

Fans have speculated that songs on TTPD, such as “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)” and “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” may reference Healy’s past comments and behavior that contributed to their breakup. Swift’s ability to address fears about finding a partner who can handle her publicized life, as seen in previous songs like “Peace” and “The Archer,” could also be reflected in her new album. The track “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” is said to potentially delve into these themes in relation to Healy.

Swift has not confirmed who the songs on TTPD are about, but she has shared that the album was a lifeline for her during a difficult period in her life. She expressed how songwriting has always been a way for her to get through challenging times, and that this album has been particularly meaningful in that aspect. Fans eagerly await the release of TTPD on April 19, hoping to gain further insight into Swift’s personal life and experiences reflected in her music.

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