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Harlequins director of rugby, Billy Millard, is optimistic that Danny Care will continue playing for the club in the upcoming season despite his retirement from international rugby. Care made the decision to retire from representing England after a remarkable career in which he earned 101 caps, playing on prestigious stages in the sport. With 371 appearances for Quins already under his belt, Care’s talent and experience make him a valuable asset to the team. His performance in a recent match against Saracens, where he received a yellow card, highlights his continued commitment and contribution to the team.

As a key player for Harlequins, Danny Care’s decision to retire from international rugby is significant for the club, but Millard remains confident that the scrum-half will still be available for the upcoming season. Care’s wealth of experience and skill on the field have been instrumental in Quins’ success, and his dedication to the team is evident in his participation in numerous matches over the years. Despite his impressive achievements at the national level, Care’s focus on continuing to play for Harlequins demonstrates his commitment to the club and his desire to contribute to their future success.

Care’s retirement from international rugby marks the end of a remarkable chapter in his career, as he leaves behind a legacy of excellence and determination on the field. His 101 caps for England reflect his talent and dedication to the sport, and his performances on some of rugby’s biggest stages have solidified his reputation as a top player. While his decision may have come as a surprise to some, Care’s commitment to Harlequins and his desire to continue playing at the club level showcase his ongoing passion for the game and his dedication to his team.

Millard’s optimism about Care’s availability for the upcoming season underscores the importance of the scrum-half’s role within the Harlequins team. With 371 appearances already for the club, Care’s experience and leadership on the field are invaluable assets that contribute to the team’s success. His recent performance against Saracens, which included a sin-binning, demonstrates his continued dedication and competitive spirit, showing that he remains a key player for Harlequins both on and off the field. As the team prepares for the upcoming season, Care’s presence and contributions will be crucial to their performance and success.

Overall, Care’s retirement from international rugby represents a significant moment in his career, but his decision to continue playing for Harlequins highlights his ongoing commitment to the team and his desire to contribute to their future achievements. With his vast experience and talent on the field, Care’s presence will be instrumental in guiding the team to further success in the upcoming season. As Millard remains hopeful about Care’s availability, the scrum-half’s dedication and passion for the game continue to shine through, solidifying his reputation as a top player within the club and the sport as a whole.

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