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The White House has accused House Republicans of taking steps to defund the police and supports crime-reducing programs. The House Republican Study Committee released a budget proposal, titled “Fiscal Sanity to Save America,” which includes reducing funding for Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). The White House is also criticizing Republicans for proposing to defend what they call the “constitutionally dubious red flag provisions in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” and supporting the abolition of the FBI and ATF. White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates stated that the Biden administration has taken action to hire more police officers, invest in crime reduction strategies, and mental health services to combat violent crime.

The White House emphasized that President Biden will not allow Congressional Republicans to defund the police, abolish law enforcement agencies, gut crime prevention efforts, or roll back important legislation related to gun crime. The American Rescue Plan has provided over $15 billion to communities to ensure they can keep their residents safe and prevent crime. Biden’s budget includes funding for the Violent Crime Reduction and Prevention Fund, as well as hiring 100,000 additional police officers for community policing. The White House also plans to provide over $17 billion to the Department of Justice for law enforcement, including a significant increase in funding for the ATF.

The House Republican Study Committee has pushed back against the White House’s accusations, pointing out that COPS funding has increased significantly since the Trump administration due to Democrat-led cities needing financial assistance after defunding their police departments. They argue that Democrats are the ones truly defunding the police. RSC Executive Director Joe Barry stated that conservatives have a different record on crime compared to Biden’s administration, emphasizing that their budget does not support sanctuary cities or entities that have embraced the defund the police movement. House Speaker Mike Johnson’s spokesperson mentioned that House Republicans oppose Biden’s budget, which would increase taxes significantly and lead to a record debt-to-GDP ratio.

The RSC’s budget proposal aims to reduce deficits by trillions and balance the budget over the next decade while protecting Social Security and Medicare. The RSC is committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that law enforcement agencies are adequately supported. However, the White House continues to argue that Biden’s policies have led to a historic reduction in crime and have prioritized investing in police officers, crime reduction strategies, and mental health services. They believe that their budget proposal will enable communities to keep their residents safe and prevent crime effectively.

Overall, the debate between the White House and House Republicans highlights the differing approaches to law enforcement funding and crime prevention strategies. While the White House emphasizes President Biden’s commitment to supporting law enforcement and implementing crime reduction programs, House Republicans argue that their budget proposal would effectively balance the budget and reduce deficits while protecting essential programs like Social Security and Medicare. The disagreement between the two sides underscores the broader political divide on public safety and fiscal responsibility.

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