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The autopsy report for Suzanne Morphew, a missing Colorado woman whose body was found in September, concluded that she died by homicide due to a combination of drugs used as animal tranquilizers in her system. The drugs, butorphanol, azaperone, and medetomidine, are commonly used as a compound injectable chemical immobilizer for wildlife. Her body was discovered near the town of Moffat, and agencies investigating her death are aware of the report. Her husband, Barry Morphew, was initially charged with murder and other related offenses, but the case was dismissed without prejudice in April 2022, allowing prosecutors to refile if new evidence arises.

Barry Morphew was also accused of tampering with a deceased human body, tampering with physical evidence, possession of a dangerous weapon, and attempted influence of a public servant following Suzanne’s disappearance. Prosecutors alleged that Suzanne had planned a bike ride near Maysville on Mother’s Day in 2020 but was murdered with the help of a tranquilizer gun. They claimed that Barry was the only person with a motive to kill her due to an alleged affair and planned divorce. However, evidence presented in court suggested the possibility of someone else being involved, as DNA found on the glove box of her SUV could be linked to cases of sexual assault in Arizona and Illinois.

Barry Morphew pleaded not guilty and maintained his innocence, filing a $15 million lawsuit against prosecutors, Colorado Bureau of Investigation employees, and FBI employees for allegedly violating his civil rights. His attorney raised the possibility that the presence of animal tranquilizers in Suzanne’s system may be consistent with the rural Colorado setting where her remains were found, given the prevalence of hunting and ranching in the state. They called on investigators to determine who may have prescribed the drugs found in her system.

The case against Barry Morphew was dismissed without prejudice, allowing for the possibility of refiling charges if new evidence supports it. The focus of the case was on the disintegrating relationship between Suzanne and Barry, with prosecutors claiming that she planned to divorce him due to an affair. However, the judge in the preliminary hearing noted the potential for someone else to have been involved in Suzanne’s death, based on DNA evidence. Barry has denied any involvement in Suzanne’s disappearance and death, maintaining his innocence despite the allegations and legal proceedings against him.

The investigation into Suzanne Morphew’s death continues, with authorities seeking justice for her homicide. The autopsy report’s findings on the presence of animal tranquilizers in her system shed new light on the circumstances surrounding her death and raise questions about who may have been involved in administering the drugs. As the case unfolds, the focus remains on uncovering the truth behind Suzanne’s tragic death and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

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