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David Hager, along with his family, is traveling from Colorado to NYC to search for hidden treasure in the city. This treasure hunt is based on a book called “The Secret: A Treasure Hunt” published by Byron Preiss in 1982. Preiss buried ceramic casques and keys in 12 cities in the US and Canada, providing clues in the book for seekers to find these treasures. Followers of the book believe that one of the clues leads to a treasure in New York City, possibly near Liberty Island.

Hager believes he has deciphered the clues to find the treasure in NYC by connecting clues in the book and studying the locations referenced in the verses. He believes the treasure is located south of Liberty Island, previously referred to as Bedloe Island. Only three of the twelve treasures Preiss supposedly hid have been found, as Preiss passed away in 2005, leaving the location of the remaining treasures a mystery. His family is involved in the treasure hunting, but Hager doubts that they know the exact locations.

The search for the buried treasure has garnered widespread interest, with thousands of people discussing possible locations on online forums and social media. Several TV shows have also featured the hunt for the treasures, leading to increased curiosity and engagement from enthusiasts like Hager. The recent discovery of the Boston casque has fueled the excitement and hopes of others, including Hager, who is preparing for his own search for the treasure in NYC.

Hager is well-equipped for his treasure hunt in NYC, carrying metal probe cameras and hand-shovels to assist in the search. He has applied for permits for excavation but is willing to take the risk of digging without them if necessary. Despite potential fines and warnings from NYC Parks about underground infrastructure concerns, Hager remains determined to uncover the hidden treasure. His motivation for the search stems from his father’s recent passing and a desire to honor his memory by embarking on an adventurous quest with his sons.

For Hager, the treasure hunt is not just about finding the hidden loot but also about the challenge and excitement of solving a decades-old mystery. His dedication to proving himself right and fulfilling his son’s belief in his abilities drives him to continue the search. With the support of his family and the thrill of the unknown, Hager remains committed to uncovering the hidden treasure in NYC as a tribute to his father and a bonding experience with his sons.

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