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This week in New York City, Timotheé Chalamet began filming his upcoming Bob Dylan biopic, A Complete Unknown, where he will be portraying the iconic singer. Despite limited information about the James Mangold film, paparazzi photos of Chalamet on set in character have shown promise. With Dylan’s signature shaggy hairstyle and retro costumes, Chalamet’s portrayal of the singer in the 1960s looks convincing, albeit slightly Hollywood-ified. However, how do Chalamet’s outfits compare to Dylan’s real-life style?

Dylan’s personal style has remained consistent over the past six decades, featuring classic denim, lived-in leather jackets, and western boots. Despite starting his career during the mod era, Dylan always preferred a more casual aesthetic, often seen in a uniform of a silky button-down, light-wash jeans, and suede chukka boots. Looking back at his looks from the 1960s and 1970s, Dylan’s clothing appeared worn-in and distressed, adding to his cool factor and nonconforming image.

In comparison to Dylan’s fashion spirit, Chalamet’s interpretation in 2024 remains faithful to the singer’s wardrobe choices. Filmed in New York wearing a suede tan jacket, navy button-up shirt, brown jeans, and suede boots, Chalamet embodies Dylan’s style. Despite the resemblance, Chalamet manages to strike a balance between authenticity and avoiding a costumey or cheesy appearance, a difficult feat in Hollywood.

Chalamet’s film fashions also show a level of discreetness, indicating costume designer Arianne Phillips’ understanding of Dylan’s understated fashion sense. Dylan has always shied away from the spotlight, reflected in his muted wardrobe choices of shades like brown, navy, and black. Unlike those who dress to stand out, Dylan’s attire serves as a form of armor, allowing him to blend into the background and remain unnoticed.

While it is too early to determine if Chalamet will capture Dylan’s personality traits on screen, early teasers of the film have generated excitement for the authentic fashion direction. Whether Chalamet can embody Dylan’s unique essence is yet to be seen, but the attention to detail in the costumes adds to the anticipation surrounding the movie. Ultimately, the film’s ability to authentically recreate Dylan’s style adds to the overall enjoyment of the viewing experience.

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