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She designs fashion that makes women feel gorgeous and confident, taking into account the diversity of body types. With spring approaching, she is excited about the trend of waistcoats and vests in light colored linens, which she finds timeless and easy to wear. She also loves denim maxi skirts, shirt dresses, and the trend of pairing skirts with sneakers. As for embracing trends, she is a fan of the sheer trend, particularly transparent pencil skirts paired with a plain tank top and statement necklace.

She also discusses her upcoming film, The Idea of You, which has received significant attention for its trailer, breaking records as the most-watched trailer for a streaming film. She credits the success to the attention to detail and incredible team led by Michael Showalter. They carefully curated the film to cater to an audience hungry for something new, and the positive reception has been extremely rewarding for her and the team. She hopes that the film continues to resonate with audiences and provide a unique and enjoyable experience.

She emphasizes the importance of making choices that cater to the audience’s tastes and desires, ensuring that every detail of the film is crafted to provide a satisfying experience. The response to the trailer has exceeded her expectations, and she is grateful for the opportunity to share a project that has been so carefully and passionately created. She hopes that the film will continue to resonate with viewers and provide them with a fresh and enjoyable cinematic experience.

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