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Inter Miami’s impressive 6-2 victory over New York Red Bulls made headlines as Lionel Messi scored one goal and provided five assists, marking an historical night in Florida. The team, owned by Messi, currently leads the MLS in points and appears to be the standout team in the league, boasting a star-studded roster that includes players from across South America.

All six goals scored by Miami in the match came from South American players, highlighting the team’s depth and talent from the region. In addition to Messi’s goal, Matías Rojas from Paraguay scored two goals, while Uruguayan striker Luis Suárez netted a hat-trick. Miami’s dominance on the field was evident as they turned a 1-0 deficit at halftime into a decisive win with all the goals coming between the 48th and 81st minute.

Rojas, a new addition to the team, has already proven himself as a valuable asset with his impressive performance in the match. His skill and talent were on display as he scored a stunning long-range goal and capitalized on a well-executed pass from Messi to find the back of the net. Rojas’ arrival from Brazilian club Corinthians has added depth to Miami’s attacking options and further solidified their status as a formidable team in the league.

Messi and Suárez, longtime friends and teammates, continue to impress on the field with their chemistry and veteran experience. The duo’s partnership has been key to Miami’s success, with Messi’s playmaking abilities and Suárez’s goal-scoring prowess proving to be a lethal combination for opposing teams. Despite their superstar status, both players have also been spotted enjoying downtime in Miami with their families, a luxury they did not always have in Europe.

Looking ahead, some members of the Inter Miami squad will be representing their respective nations in the upcoming Copa America tournament, with Messi leading Argentina as the favorites to win the title. As Messi and his teammates prepare for the international competition, their focus remains on achieving more success on the field while also enjoying their time off in Miami. With Messi’s leadership and the team’s impressive performances, Inter Miami and the MLS are set to make waves in the soccer world this season.

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